This is an elected body which meets at least twice each term to advise the Principal on all matters concerned with the school. The School Association includes parents, staff and community representatives.  The School Association can be contacted through its Secretary, care of the school office.  Details of elections will be provided via the school Facebook page and inquiries are always welcome.  This is a worthwhile way to help your school and become involved in decision making and improving the learning environment.

 ‘To build a courageous and respectful school community by supporting growth and aspiration.’

WELCOME to our school association – a group of parents, teachers and community members who are working to improve the life of those involved in our school.

The School Association provides an opportunity for parents and staff to work together to identify our strengths and successes and opportunities for improvement.   We also support improvements of the physical school environment where other funding is not available e.g. gardens, playgrounds and equipment.  We are able to do this through the work of our wonderful volunteers at our Op Shop, which is a major fundraiser for our school, and we are very grateful for their work.  Remember if you have items to donate to charity all funds raised through the School Op Shop are invested back into our school.

We are proud to support a range of programs and school initiatives including the THRIVE Mentoring program, community garden group, the Chaplaincy Committee and introduction of new school hats for our Kinder to Grade 5 students.

Members of the committee are always willing to chat with families about their ideas, concerns or issues. It is up to all of us to work together to make the best learning environment possible.

We believe our Mission Statement ~ To build a courageous and respectful school community by supporting growth and aspiration ~ captures exactly what we would like to achieve as a group representing parents, students, staff and the broader school community. It also aligns with new values developed by the Department for Children and Young People ~ ASPIRATION COURAGE GROWTH AND RESPECT ~ which we promote within our school.


  • Nic Martin (Chair)
  • Kaelene Crossingham (Vice Chair)
  • Kristy Scott (Secretary)
  • Sam Terry (Treasurer)
  • Sharon McKellar (Community Representative)
  • Katrina Laycock (Parent Representative)
  • Randle Attard (Staff)
  • Kawajit Kaur (Staff)
  • Anita Haley (Principal)